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Small Business Week Roundup with Rippl

Small Business Week Round Up

Last week was an exciting week for Small Business Week! Many of you celebrated or promoted the #SmallBusinessWeek in some way. We thought we could provide some tips to ensure you make the most of every week promoting your business! 

Post Often On Social Media

Research shows frequent and consistent posting is successful on social media. Think of ways you can be creative in your posts and offer new content for your followers. Twitter can be great for market research and listening to customers. Facebook has the largest audience in the world. LinkedIn and YouTube can be interesting networks to experiment with.

Maximize Opportunity

Post a quote, post about what you’re doing right now for your business, post about what you’re doing right now personally, post a quiz, a contest, a fact. . . . Keep thinking about ways to get your business noticed.

Send Emails Or Blog Posts

Have you thought about ways to maintain relationships with your customers or build awareness? Sending regular emails or writing blog posts can be an effective way to start the conversation with your customers. 

Acknowledge Customers

Thank your customers… After all they’re the ones who have helped you succeed this far! Let them know how much you appreciate them. If possible create a customer referral program or customer rewards program to help build customer loyalty. 


Take the time to respond to your customers on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. Reach out to other small businesses and collaborate. Collaborations can come in so many different forms. Maybe you offer a special deal with a fellow small business or maybe you both refer customers to each other’s business. Get creative and think about businesses that would benefit from your business and vice versa.

Stay Positive

Running your own business is hard work. Keep thinking positive and believe in yourself and your business!

Posted on May 8, 2017

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