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So, how important is rest, sleep, massage and a dose of luvin?

Great insite by Chad Walkaden 

During my two years of chemotherapy, there were many days when I did a visualisation that involved me taking a thick red marker to an imaginary calendar and simply crossing off that day.

This was the beginning of me learning to prioritise rest and recovery. 

Now, like an athlete, my body can’t function optimally without adequate sleep, daily meditation, cold therapy, massage and of course massive doses of oxytocin from my fiancé 

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How much do you value rest?

Some responses 

Karen – I can’t function without sleep and massively prioritise sleep and healthy eating. What is cold therapy and do those of us who appear in good health need it? I hope not. I like warmth..

Dino Pacella – Rest is critical to creating the energy required to smash out every day the best we most possibly can.

Thanks Chad ✊

Antoinette Wheymeyer – results coach – My perception is that society would look different if getting enough sleep EVERY night was as non negotiable as driving over a red light.

Good luck in your recovery process, I agree that you are focusing on the right choices for optimal functioning.

Ivette Javette – Lovely pic ? Excellent topic. Sleeping and resting is like my number one priority. I know for sure that if I take a short nap when I’m tired I’ll be twice as productive afterwards than if I don’t.  Sometimes 10 min is enough and I wake up feeling like new ?

Paula Ralph – health expert – It is the visualisation that is key to recovery – and more as I imagine you must know.  And then ongoing lifestyle adjustment and commitment that really makes a difference.  Yes for the sleep priority!  Yes for the oxytocin!!

Posted on October 3, 2018

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