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Some cool testimonials from our latest BSIL Diploma Leadership and Management Course

Very Proud of some of the feedback from our Leadership Trainer and Guru Steve Fearns
Throughout 2017 which is now my 5th year delivering Leadership programs for BSI I continue to receive feedback that makes me so proud to be a Leadership Trainer. Like you so often say it’s all about creating a legacy and this feedback reminds me why I do what I do and love doing it 
This is some feedback from my last DOLAM Leadership program in 2017…
“I’ve been through many courses over the years and was nothing like anything I’ve done before. The program and Steve as the presenter were very influential and inspiring. I came in thinking I would learn about myself, and whilst I did, I really found out more about everyone else and understanding them. Great course, thankyou Steve. I am already implementing some aspects now and will continue to do so.” – Bradley Paton, H&K International
“This is the only course I have ever attended where I have learnt so many strategies, ideas and skills to achieve company goals/results, personal goals/results. By the amazing influence of Steve Fearns I have made some major changes/transformations both personally and with work. The learnt info is embedded through memorable experiences. Steve is an exceptional trainer and the program has been so engaging. Not once did I look at my watch to see when the next break was, in fact I was amazed how quickly the time went. Every day I learnt many things. Thankyou for the knowledge and the influence of Steve.” – Melissa Ward, BOC
“Awareness has been the biggest take out from this course. It has also shown me to observe my surroundings and people more. Steve’s engagement makes the day feel short but has ability to tie/link all lesson learnt in the real world. If this course was presented any other way the lessons would be laborious and mundane.” – Ben Price, LG Electronics
“This was a very interactive and enjoyable program. There was no moment where I was bored or felt left out. The flow of each subject was brilliant as it felt like a journey which connected. I would and have recommended this to others. Steve was AMAZING!! His ways of finding examples to help understand each subject is brilliant. There was the right amount of slides vs interactions with one another. I loved the sense of humour brought in and that he remembered something about each person. Thankyou Steve for this experience and helping me to develop.” – Sofhia Hussein, BOC
“As I have attended many courses, I expected it to be another push of ‘sit & listen’ however I was un-expectantly surprised with the course material and Steve as a presenter. It was lively, fun and informative. 10/10 would do again. Steve was an awesome presenter.” – Joshua Kerr, BOC
“Best structured, planned out management course I have ever attended (and there have been a few). Great balance between structure and spontaneity. Love how it builds up and the use of projects and course work to bring home the points. Steve ‘Meerkat’ Fearns is unique and what makes this course. BSI need to hold onto him with both hands as he will take them to new levels.” – Garry Patterson, H&K International
“The program was high energy and incredibility engaging. I personally (at least now) think that this particular program style should be mandatory. It’s a shame that Steve’s enthusiasm can’t be an education industry standard as he makes the experience fun and genuinely interesting. You walk out wanting to make a change! I’ve come out of this program with a level of confidence I never knew I had. It’s been an incredibly fulfilling experience. THANKYOU!” – Jacob Ranga, BOC
“WOW!! Not a traditional bore and snore course. All the content was relevant, engaging and interlinked. The delivery was great, I feel like it ended too soon. Not due to the lack of content but because each day was so quick as it was fun. I have been on plenty of courses over the last 20 years. I have never experienced anything like Steve. Knowledgeable, fun, engaging, fun, passionate, energetic, fun. I have learnt soooooo much. Thankyou. Did I say fun? It was fun!!” – Mark Halvorsen, BOC
“I really enjoyed your energy Steve. I often find myself wondering how you facilitate all of it and aspire to, one day myself be able to be the change I want to see and ultimately influence others to be better versions of themselves. Also love that you wore your asics shoes…’meerkat ready’.” – Melissa Walton, ASICS
“I expected the course to be boring and thought it would be just like other management courses I had already attended, was very pleased after day 1 that it was completely different. This course is certainly one that I would recommend. Steve was probably the best trainer of any course I have attended. He made it both fun and comfortable and never made anyone feel out of place or put anyone on the spot. I found the stories that Steve told or the real examples he gave so interesting and some were funny.” – Salem Conforto, H&K International
“This was an extremely important experience for my life in every aspect. The entire course has been engaging both due to the content and Steve. Steve has used real events experienced within the group and day then used these as REAL examples. This has made the course show real substance and practical use. I have come out of this looking at myself, others and life in a completely new way which is unbelievably exciting. Steve’s incorporation of things such as emails/photos we send him in the slides made moments of magic. The extra day made everything weave together and took this course to another dimension. I will always think of Steve when I see a Meerkat. It helped me resolve a lot of personal issues such as lack of direction in my work and some personal life. The details Steve noticed and remembered made this very personal.” – Andrew Burchell, BOC
“This DOLAM Course run by Steve Fearns was extremely engaging and insightful. Steve’s ability to make what could potentially be staid and laborious into an exciting and enjoyable journey is brilliant. I can honestly say I feel I have grown as a person and as a leader through what I have learnt in this course. Great style of training – Steve was inclusive of all levels and styles of participants and made me want to be part of our training group.” – Phil Gross, LG Electronics
Hope to see you soon!
Steve Fearns
Leadership Consultant
BSI Learning
Level 7, 14 Martin Place, Sydney 2000
Posted on January 29, 2018

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