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Survey on Top 5 Issues that will effect you and your business in 2010

Zac Teichmann of HTT is undertaking a survey on issues that will effect you and your business in 2010.

2010 will be a defining year for Australia when you consider:

On the political front
– Victoria, South Australia and will hold State elections in 2010, while a Federal election will be held no later than February 2011. We are still waiting on NSW election news, and we tip the Tasmanian boundary changes will undoubtedly result to Federal election implications.

On the economic front – the global economic environment remains uncertain post-GFC, however many economists expect the A$ to reach parity, and beyond, with the US$. Continued strong demand for Australian exports of iron ore and coal by China and rising interest rates in Australia will likely be a feature in 2010. At the same time the Henry tax review is likely to recommend the largest tax reform since the introduction of the GST.

On the environmental front – the introduction of a comprehensive ETS remains front of mind, while the summit in Copenhagen next month should set the framework for global cooperation.

I am sure you already know what issues are most important to you and your business.

If you send me your survey, we will provide you with an analysis of responses across our diverse contacts – hopefully these insights will be a good return on a few minutes of your time.

Please note, specific comments will not be attributable and nor will we make reference to your name/organisation in any way.

Please take a few moments to consider the following five questions:

1. What are the three key issues that will impact your industry in 2010?

2. What are the three key opportunities for Australia post the GFC?

3. What are the three key issues you would like to see your State Government address in 2010?

4. What are the three key issues you would like to see the Australian Government address in 2010?

5. What do you think are the leading [social; political; economic; environmental; global] challenges impacting the Australian community in 2010?

Thank you and we look forward to your thoughts and comments by Friday 11 December 2009.

HTT Associates is a boutique, politically-focused consultancy providing a range of specialized services to individuals, corporations, institutions, and organizations.

Best Regards

Ivan Kaye


Posted on November 27, 2009

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