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Systemize Your Business Before It’s Too Late

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Peter Bridges has a business which sells motor vehicle spare parts for a range of makes and models.  The business has grown rapidly beyond Peter’s expectations and management abilities.  He feels like he is on a runaway train and is desperate to streamline operations.  He and his team are working very hard, yet customer satisfaction is slipping and profits are starting to suffer.

The root cause of the problem is that this type of business requires strong processes and procedures to control stock and orders.  The few systems it has have not grown with the business and are not well documented.

Peter sought the help of his Accountant.  He gave them a sizable brief.  Help me get my business under control.  Find my profit and help me return to working normal hours.


The Accountant tackled the problem from three fronts:

  • Identify Peter’s business goals: Where does he want to be in 3 years?
  • Streamline operations and increase the efficiency of the processes.
  • Align processes with business goals.

Accountant’s Role

  • Create a short sharp Strategic Plan (how Peter will achieve his business goals).
  • Review operations and redesign business processes to achieve maximum efficiencies.
  • Engage an HR consultant to help with restructure of team.

Benefits for Client

  • Streamlined documented operations, thereby reducing cost of operations.
  • Reduction in cycle time of processes, thereby enhancing the market standing of the client

A client who is confident, is in control and driving the business forward in the direction of his choice.

Posted on July 11, 2017

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