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The 3 step strategy for business success

There is a fine line between success and failure.

How we structure our daily life and routines goes a long way to having the success we truly want or the failure we’re working so hard to avoid.
Many business leaders are usually in a state of overwhelm and have a daily routine of constantly putting out fires, causing high levels of stress and if left unchallenged it ultimately results in failure.
Here are three simple steps to take you from ‘routines for failure’ to ‘routines for success.’
Step 1:  Start each day by working on the Self

  1. Start by doing some exercise. Preferably mobility and cardiovascular workouts. There are 360 joints in our body that have been mainly still for the person who has a good night’s sleep for at least 7-8 hours. Moving first thing in the morning will get all these joints loose and free, causing less tension in the body.
  2. Spend at least 30 to 60 minutes learning something that will improve your skillset in your niched area. Business is a futuristic game.  Nothing stays the same so keep learning, especially in the area you are really passionate about.
  3. Set yourself up with good nutrition for the day. We are what we eat and we can never out-exercise a bad diet.

After you have worked on yourself….

Step 2 is to work on your business.

  1. Research other similar companies and what they are doing. Never think you know it all or you know best. It is important to keep up with what your competitors are doing.
  2. Look at areas that will create more opportunities for sales. This cannot be stated enough.  We have no business without a sale. Believe it or not there are great sales opportunities in some of the biggest challenges that come along in business.
  3. Get advice from people who have the skill sets and knowledge to fill the gaps that are missing in your business. We do not know it all and one of the challenges we can have as business leaders is to ask for help.

Once you have worked on your business….

Step 3 is to work in your business

  1. Talk to your team and give them focused attention. This is important in creating a place where people enjoy being.
  2. Having an overview on how your business runs will keep you closer to your team and your handle on the pulse.
  3. Remember we don’t need to be the expert but having a general overview of how everything runs, will make us better leaders for our team

If you consistently live by this routine you will feel much more organised, focused and on top of your game.
Master your Thinking, Emotions and Muscle

Jerome Lamarque
Business & Personal Performance Specialist

Posted on April 24, 2016

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