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The 4 C’s to master your memory

Strengthening your memory doesn’t require a new app or some magic pill.
You can do it no matter your age or education. Just be mindful of these 4 keys to mastering your memory (or anything else)!
To improve any skill requires conscious attention and presence of your thoughts, beliefs, and deeds. Self-awareness allows you to audit your strengths, weaknesses, and more.
The road to mastery begins with acquiring fundamental basic skills.
You can’t go to the gym a couple of times and be fit for life. Becoming good at something requires persistent and consistent action.
To level up your memory, or anything else, you must embrace challenge, because with challenge comes change. Your struggle today develops the strength you need tomorrow. Challenges stretch our skills, beliefs, concepts of self,

and mental and physical capacities.


(Bonus) – COACHING


Find your Yoda. If you want to accelerate your growth in any area, find a coach. They have been on this road and share what works – saving time, money, and frustration. A coach helps you become Conscious, Competent, and Consistent as they Challenge you to become the best version of yourself.




Life is short, and your time for learning is limited. Without any guidance, you can waste valuable years trying to gain knowledge from various sources. Instead, you must follow what is proven to work and find a mentor.


The right mentor knows where to focus your attention and how to challenge you. Their knowledge and experience become yours.

Posted on September 2, 2016

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