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The 5 steps to achieving a Miracle

Inspired by the Syntropic Guru Christine McDougall – christine@syntropic.world

Miracles usually arrive in small, plain packaging, looking like nothing

A kind word, an obscure offer, a sudden change that leaves us gasping for security. They rarely look like a miracle until much later….

Miracles and synchronicities are part of being in flow with the Universe of your life. We are all connected….the force can indeed be with us when we are with it. 

 We are Jedi in training, if we choose.

How to achieve miracles :- 


Feel into what you desire with the whole of your being, absent any clinging, needy, parasitic type energy. 

You cannot desire that someone else does something for you for they are not yours to control. 

You can desire a future that has you show up differently towards its creation.

Desire is about how you react to a situation – you are in control how you feel and what you want to do…. where you are at the moment and your current situation – you cannot control – how yo react to that situation is totally your choice

  • Glass half full half empty
  • Gratitude 
  • Mindset 


Once you have that burning desire to do something – formulate an intention to do it.

Develope a plan on how to get there – and then form long term, medium term and short term goals , strategies and tasks . (Christine rather talks about creating an intention )

Effectively create a roadmap on how to get there. 

When you build a house, ideally you get an architect to build a detailed plan with instructions on how to build the house… step by step

The reality is this… you do not know what the future holds… so your goals are based on assumptions of what you have learnt from the past …. and invariably shit will happen…. 

but here’s the thing… 

Life is not about achieving your goal, it is about the courage to go for it with your whole heart, and in the process do far more than you would ever have. 

Go ALL-IN as its foundational energetic. Not a partial IN, holding a card ‘in-case’.

In reaching for the stars you might discover Jupiter.

3. Precession 

In between setting your goals  and achieving them all of life happens

If your goal (or intention) is to run a marathon – You might get injured, a whole host of unforeseen events might happen that changes the course of your goal.

If you are attached to running the marathon, you might then find myself deeply upset if it does not happen. 

If you give everything towards the intention, if You do the training, give it your best, hold the intention with love and clarity, know that you have left nothing off the table..no matter what happens, You will be happy with the outcome. You had a goal to love the race and have a good time.  

The 90 degree side effects of health , right weight, meeting people, being healthier, fitter and happier is the side effect of the goal.

Or to say it another way…a goal sets up precession. 

Precession is the effect that occurs at 90 degrees to the goal. 

Precession is where the juice is. Go for the precession. 

By going for the precession you are also going for something that is likely to be far bigger than you are. 

4. Limit your intentions to a few….or one..

If your list is large, consider which is the ONE, that if you hold this, many of the others might also occur. Your self deception commonly seeks for you to create too much to do, and then you do not much well, or at all.

( Big fault of mine)

5. Take action and go with the flow 

Proceed and adjust as the ecology of your life 

occurs. Be in the flow –Rigidity makes you brittle. There is likely to be one thousand and one ways to achieve your intention. Be open to 

The Miracles

Recognise the miracles that are occurring and be grateful to the universe for making it happen. 

Miracles are happenning every moment – it is up to you to recognise and be grateful for them.

Being part of a miracle is totally about how you look at things.

See you on the flip side of the 20’s

Posted on December 30, 2019

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