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The 6 most common reasons for procrastination

Great insights By Andrew & Angela Smith from Lifestyle Tradie http://ift.tt/1teFj0n

1. Limiting Beliefs

You may experience one part of you saying ‘Go for it’, while another little voice lurks around saying ‘Don’t be ridiculous, you’re not good enough to do that!’

We all have our own beliefs made up from religion, society, our parents, peers and partners. In may ways, our beliefs help determine who we are and how we live our life. Yet these beliefs can also limit out lives and become barriers that we need to overcome, hence the term ‘limiting beliefs’.

The same thoughts are played over and over in our mind. The positive strengthen you but those that are negative, weaken you.

Break free from limiting beliefs by examining your mind. As you become increasingly aware of the thoughts you are having, you are already one step to knowing what to change them to. If you can change the thoughts, you can change your beliefs.

2. Lack Of Clear Goals And Direction

Procrastination may be an indication that you don’t really know where you’re going in the grand scheme of things, and how today’s tasks will help you get there. There may be no clear links between the two.

Your immediate attention needs to be focused on understanding what you want, your direction, and hence this will give you a clear understanding of your future and hence confirm what actions you need to take to get there.

3. Lack Of Focus

Focus tends to slide when your plans for how you’re going to reach your goals and dreams aren’t clear enough.

To overcome this, break your goal down from the big picture to the smaller steps you need to tick off to get your end result.

4. Lack Of Passion

Do you really enjoy what you’re doing? Or are you spending time doing things that just don’t float your boat?

To overcome this, delegate those tasks you hate to someone else so that you can focus on what really drives your passion. Or shift your activities around so you spend more time doing what it is you really love.

5. Overwhelmed

Procrastinating becomes common when your ‘to do list’ is just so long that you don’t know where to start.
To overcome this, break up the ‘to-do’ list into priorities. A-C (A Being the most important), select 1 item you will do today and put the list out of sight. Out of sight, out of mind.

6. Lack Of ‘Oomph’ Or Energy

Are you just a bit too weary or flat to get on with it?

Sometimes we have mornings or days where the energy simply doesn’t flow. If it’s a one-off, make sure you head to bed early tonight, or even consider a ‘stay home day’ if it’s possible, to catch up on what’s most likely much needed sleep. Treat yourself to a few super-healthy fruit smoothies to boost your system too.

If procrastinating is not a one-off, you may need to look at your diet or lifestyle to get that much needed energy back.

If there’s nothing more behind your procrastination for a specific task than a clear-cut case of the ‘can’t-be-bothered’, then sometimes there’s no point battling it.

Go and do something else to get yourself refreshed and revitalised for tomorrow.

Posted on September 20, 2017

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