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The formula to making money

Investing + Small Deposits of Money + Time = Wealth

Find ways to earn money while you sleep. 

Most people work for money. Wealthy people have their money work for them. 

They invest money to get a return without having to do any of the work. They find a good investment, put their cash in, and, if they’ve chosen well, they get more money back than what they’ve invested. They keep doing this over and over, until they wind up with A LOT of money. 

Invest to make money work for you. If you just trade time for money – and spend it all – you will not create wealth. Always invest a portion of income – Let money work for you!

Most people have a job (just over the breadline) . They work Monday to Friday go home for the weekend with a paycheck. No worries until Monday. No investment required. 

The owner of the business invests his money to pay the worker to grow his business. He takes the financial risk, but he gets to keep all the reward.

  All of the richest people in the world invest to make their money work for them, because they know their earnings are capped, if they just trade time for money.

Posted on August 8, 2014

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