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The future is in the hands of the SME says Jack Ma

A great interview a few years back by Jack Ma at the World Economic  Forum 

Jack Ma is about empowering SMEs and takes his inspiration from Forrest Gump 

“People make money catching shrimps not whales “ 

Through Alibaba he has created an EWTO 

Ewtp – Electronic world trade platform for SMEs

Alibaba’s model is based on Leverage outsource everything build an Ecosystem – empower others to buy and sell – it’s about empowering SMEs. Enable every SME to become an Amazon. 

Leverage is the key 

Alibaba has empowered  the logistics companies to deliver 609m packages to 125 cities delivered within 12 hours – and its improving 

Alibaba is not a Tech company – it’s a Dara company …. 

They know whose buying and selling – they can use data by becoming a bank – based on ratings they  can determine – who deserves credit in seconds. 

Imagine  giving 5m businesses 5k within 3minutes – based on ratings of their sesame card.

Jack Ma on Alibaba’s Strategy 

Every 5 years strategy reviewed 

If the strategy is to solve a problem that will take 10Years – let’s do it – 1 year forget about it

What are the things need in the next 20 years ? 

2h – happiness and health – movies ?– is a solution – where the hero never dies 🙂 

Jack Ma on a trade war between USA and China 

When trade stops – war starts – trade promotes communication and x cultural exchange.

A Trade war will be a disaster  

Jack Ma’s future 

Jack wants to Teach philosophy and focus on the environment and doesn’t  want to die in office – he wants to die on the beaches! 

Jack Ma’s advice to Business owners and leaders 

A Tech revolution takes 50 years –

The 1st 20 years has been nailed by Facebook, google, amazon, alibaba, Microsoft and the lime 

The next 30 years will change the  world by those companies with  fewer than 30 employees – whose employees are under 30.

These are the companies that will make the world a better place 

Posted on September 14, 2019

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