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The Linkedin + Forum Masterclass | NAB HOUSE | 26 Sept 2019 – 6-9pm



Its taken me a while to build my linked-in presence (since 2004) and I have made heaps of mistakes along the way (and continue to make them!) – Something happened in the last 3 years that increased my directs connections from 3,000 – 30,000. 

I want to share “how this happened” with you.

Linkedin is a game changer for anyone who sells B2B and is in the Professional Services Sector.
To help you use this powerful medium more effectively, BBG has brought together 4 powerful trainers and users of LinkedIn, who “get” the power  of “Connection, Collaboration, Contribution and Community.”

Rana, Imam, Karen and Doyle have agreed to share how they have built their business’s and helped others by using the power of Linkedin,  and why their content gets seen by their targeted audiences.
I have been given the honour of facilitating this masterclass.

This 3 hour event will take you from start to monetisation.  

At the conclusion of the event, you will understand Linkedin better, and take home tips, tricks and connections that will help you grow your business.

So be sure to bring your best game.

At this Masterclass, you will learn how you can
  • Connect with the entire room 
  • Stand out, get found and position yourself as an authority and build credibility and trust 
  • Create relevant content
  • Write messages that command a response 
  • Collaborate with the right alliance partners 
  • Generate more leads
  • Converting those leads to REVENUE
We will create a bespoke whatsapp forum so that those at the forum can continue to share their knowledge, tips and tricks with each other on an ongoing basis, and start to build a connected, collaborative community.

You will meet 5 professionals who have successfully used  Linkedin to generate inbound and outbound leads and face to face meetings that convert into sales. 
If you want to learn the art of social selling, content creation, collaboration & personal branding 
 – do not miss this event!! 



Karen Tisdell


In 2018, Karen was ranked one of the top LinkedIn trainers across Asia-Pacific by the Social Media Marketing Institute. She regularly trains businesses of all sizes on using the platform as a funnel to attract and retain clients, and also builds LinkedIn profiles for businesses and individuals.
With a background in recruitment services, Karen was an early adopter of LinkedIn, using it in 2005. She foresaw 15 years ago that how we are perceived online would become increasingly important to our professional success, and a decade ago launched a business focussed on helping people navigate this premier B2B marketplace.

“LinkedIn is  the largest B2B global networking site where you can prospect, qualify and stay front of mind with those that matter to your business.” Karen Tisdell 

“LinkedIn is a powerful branding tool impacting if and how you are perceived online… “ Karen Tisdell 

“It’s a new world. Let me help you conquer it.” Karen Tisdell 

Ahmad Imam

Ahmad is the Sydney Director of Metropole Property Strategists, Australia’s leading and award-winning property consultancy. Metropole have been voted Australia’s leading Property Investment Advisors, Buyers Agents and Property Educators/Mentors.
Ahmad is a highly skilled Property Investment Strategist, passionate property investor and has personally coached and educated hundreds of clients to create wealth through property.
He is a regular commentator on Your Investment Property Magazine, The Michael Yardney Podcast and Property Update and is a prolific content creator with a focus on what he calls “Edutainment” – a combination of education and entertainment.
Ahmad has used LinkedIn to grow his business and personal brand and will share with us his tips and tricks on how he achieved the status of “LinkedIn Power User”

Rana Kordahi

Actress, trainer, entrepreneur, salesperson, educator, LinkedIn power user, 
Rana is an actress, trainer, entrepreneur, salesperson, educator, LinkedIn power user, podcaster and a whole lot more! She has a passion for teaching sales to non sales people and helping companies thrive.
In the last 10 years, Rana has trained and coached over 10 thousand sales and non-sales people across the globe in the art of sales, influence, mindset and personal development.
People have been known to walk out of her workshops with a newfound love for selling.

“without good salespeople, many jobs and even businesses would not survive. Salespeople are the soldiers on the frontline who put their sanity on the line daily and deserve so much more respect” Rana Kordahi 

Doyle Buehler 


Doyle is a world authority on digital transformation, a best selling author, podcaster, teacher and entrepreneur. He has consulted, coached, taught and inspired many in the areas of digital leadership, online marketing, social selling, socialmedia marketing & digital strategy.
Doyle plays at the intersections of entrepreneurship and digital innovation, and has spent the past 16 years in the business world with multiple businesses and startups from around the world. He positions these digital leaders to think in a clearer, logical, more strategic manner for evolving their business.
Doyle host’s an iTunes podcast, Breaking.Digital, where he interviews digital marketing influencers from around the world, discussing digital strategy and branding for B2B & B2C, and is a judge on the 2019 “Canadian Marketing Assiciation Awards” and the “Australian Web Industry Association Awards

“there is no quick fix in digital transformation.”

“The biggest enemy of digital transformation, is mediocrity. The digital revolution is here. Disruption is all around us. Can you afford to be average in a sea of mediocrity? Are you actually creating transformation or hoping it will happen? Have you created the infrastructure for social selling yet?”

Doyle’s latest book, #Breakthrough – Unleash Your Remarkable Brand Value, Influence & Authority, is for business innovators that want to transform and organise their business. It positions these digital leaders to think in a clearer, logical, more strategic manner for evolving their business.

Doyle host’s an iTunes podcast, Breaking.Digital, where he interviews digital marketing influencers from around the world, discussing digital strategy and branding for B2B & B2C.

Doyle is a judge on the 2019 “Canadian Marketing Association Awards” And the  “Australian Web Industry Association Awards 

Start your journey of digital business transformation with Doyle on http://www.breakthrough.digital

Ivan Kaye 


Ivan is the chairman and co-founder of BSI (www.bsi.com.au) and BBG (www.bbg.business). The business was built for the sole purpose of helping entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders grow, through collaboration and learning.

Ivan is an entrepreneur who helps people create their generational legacies by connecting them with people and money and has built up a database of well over 100,000 subscribers and maxed out his linked-in database of 30,000 a few times.

Ivan will share his strategies on how he has built (and continues to build) this network and how he uses this network to generate further business growth for his alliance partners, clients and connections.His mantra is to Connect, Collaborate and Contribute, Consistently to build a connected collaborative community.


Posted on August 4, 2019

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