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The top 5 time savers to boost your career

Do you relate to A or B? 
A. I schedule my workload every day . Have clearly defined goals of what you are going to accomplish each day 
B. I’m just not a structured kind of person. I see how my day is going and how I feel, and then decide what I work on throughout the day.”
documenting your time for a day….
how much time have you been spending on emails? 
how often are you distracted from what You planned to do and end up doing something else? 
Time management is one of the key skills you need to master to be successful  in anything you do!!!!
Here’s how:
1. Find out where your time goes.Track your time for one week and then analyze the results.
2. Plan ahead. Sit down in a quiet location for 15-20 minutes and plan your week ahead. Write down the key projects and tasks you need/want to accomplish.
3. Prioritize. Rank your list so you can see the most important activities all the way down to the least important.
4. Block time on your calendar. Schedule the time you will need to complete your high-priority tasks and projects that week. Then, block out time for your medium-priority activities. If you’re out of time for the lesser priority items, you may need to push back on certain requests, ask for more time or work longer hours.
5. Carve out email time. Set aside specific times for checking your email, such as at the beginning of the day, right before and after lunch, and at the end of the day. Avoid checking email except during these times.
Reframe your thoughts from “I wonder how my week will be?” to “Here’s what I’m going to accomplish this week.”
Inspired by Forbes 
Lisa Quast is the author of Secrets of a Hiring Manager Turned Career Coach: A Foolproof Guide to Getting the Job You Want. Every Time.
Posted on March 6, 2016

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