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The Yield Raises $11m helping farmers feed the world without wrecking the planet

Tasmania’s Ros Harvey Helping 
farmers “feed the world without wrecking the planet.”

The Yield – Ros Harvey’s Tazzies (Oz)  agtech start-up has just raised $11 million led by Japan’s Yamaha Motor Ventures making the total raise to date $32m. German Company, Bosch, who provides the sensors is it’s largest investor.

Microsoft News describes Ros Harvey as a ‘force of nature,’ using tech to help with  sustainable farming and better working conditions.

“She has always been a pioneer and a force of nature. She can see into the future and translate that into action before anyone else.” Chris Vein, who was the U.S. deputy chief technology officer under President Obama

What does it do 

The Yield – helps agricultural farmers “feed the world without wrecking the planet.”

The Yield’s goal is to use its flagship product –  Sensing+ for the worlds 500 largest agribusinesses. 

Sensing+ provides insights and predictions, using sensors measuring inputs such as light, wind, leaf moisture, salinity etc using artificial intelligence.

It helps farmers best manage their crops, predict what yield to expect, and when to harvest. The local data provides better than information from far-off weather stations.


For instance, ASX-listed Costa Group has Sensing+ installed at its farms where berries are grown beneath polythene “tunnels”. Costa relies on Sensing+ to tell them what’s happening in the micro-climate, and give them information they can use to optimise how they prune, irrigate and harvest,” Ms Harvey told Michael Bailey of the AFR 

Sensing+ has allowed another customer to double the time window in which they could spray pesticides and remain in compliance with environmental guidelines.

“It’s all about the Data – says Ros Harvey. Using data, Farmers  can more accurately estimate yields and de-risk their crops as much as possible.

Sensis+ sweet spot and patents are around  the “last mile weather forecasting” for speciality crops such as almonds, apples, avocados and even medical marijuana.

Inspired by Michael Bailey who can be contacted on Twitter or email  at m.bailey@afr.com

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Posted on May 15, 2020

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