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There are so many cool things that I can think of that has come happenned as a result of this Covid-19 slowdown – here are some of them…. feel free to add!

1. Remote work is being widely adopted and employers are realizing that allowing employees to work from home won’t cause the utter destruction of a business!

Christi Olson such a great point – this is going to be a major structural change…. and emerging leaders will have to learn how to lead, engage, excite and enthuse remote teams…. what skills will these leaders need to enable their organisations to thrive and survive?

What skills will these leaders need to build a strong aligned united culture – from a diverse workforce? 

2. Realisation of what is important in life

3. I’m saving money on gas and food –but I’m by no means happy that any of this is happening. And I second Ivan’s statement that it has brought the things that matter, and the things that don’t matter, into stark relief.

4. Reconnected with old friends around the world cos we were all available to talk or text the same time.

5. I am now always home in time for dinner. 

6. Spirit of generosity – people want to help people 

7. Awareness of cleanliness – maybe more covid-19 but overall less disease and death from other causes (motor car accidents) – a Nee normal perhaps? 

8. My garden has never looked so good!

9. It’s as if every day is a weekend !

10. discovering my creative genius, improvising

(Tent in lounge room – going camping) 

11. Doing things that has been waiting to be done ….  cleaned out the cupboards (plan to do – haven’t done yet – next week:)) learning the guitar and piano from YouTube , learning a language on Duolingo, playing scrabble with Robyn, Jed and Tanx  

12. Taking a breather – when will we be able to do this collectively again ? 

13. The NT is more appealing to live in this year 

14. I’m spending a lot of time playing the piano, something I neglected for 50 years. I’m really enjoying it, even working on my technique which was in a poor shape.

15. Because I was already visiting my home in the Yarra Valley, Melb prior to isolation, I’ve had a longed for couple of months to spend working in my garden.  I’ve planted some new plants and over 100 bulbs ready for some spring beauty??????

Unfortunately, I’m still losing the battle with weeds?☘??

16. Caught up on a lot of things i never found time to do…including looking after myself and well being ?

17. I’ve got so much done around my unit.

I’ve written a short story and entered it into a competition.

My workload has been cut by over half, and as long as it doesn’t go on forever, it’s been a great time to recharge my batteries.

18. Innovation – doing things differently – more efficiently – connecting on a different level

19. We’ve learned how to make masks.

20. We’ve learned to be grateful and have respect for ordinary workers doing extraordinary things for us. Checkout operators are our heroes. So many people are working so hard for our sakes, for our health and wellbeing, and we’ve watched them doing it. Thank you, thank you.

21. There’s been an amazing spirit of generosity. Free bread, free food for those in need.

22. Getting fit on zoom – yoga Pilates , Zumba , vision , vision , Tai chi 

23. Have been reading books reread 1984, animal farm and Harry Potter.

24. Have deep dived into the Internet and become more proactive (and efficient )

25. Have  been working as 1 with our community.

26. Have become outstanding chefs – learning new recipes 
Posted on April 23, 2020

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