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There can be only One!

A Unicorn is a technology start-up valued at more than $1 billion.  They are those elusive animal that all venture capitalists and investors are seeking.

They say “there can be only one” 

Their are hundreds of these Unicorns 

Well known –  Uber, Pinterest, Google, Facebook  and Airbnb 

but also unknowns such as 

  • social media for creatives – Redbubble
  • business-software start-up – Apttus 
  • the cloud identity-management company Okta.
  • referral system – Referron
  • social media and data analytics – Keynected 

These Unicorns have the opportunity to tap a larger market of connected customers than ever.

The reality is that most startups are living in a fantasy world ,  with massive valuations – not yet turning a profit – and will be destroyed by the tech bubble.

Most of these founders and investors are disconnected from reality, conjuring numbers out of thin air. 

Will your unicorn  be revealed as nothing more than a donkey with a cardboard tube taped to its forehead?

“Are you the one” – there can be only one!”

Since time immemorial man has been searching for their elusive unicorn – with entrepreneurs selling their magical unicorn powder – promising their customers special powers.

Does your unicorn actually perform a powerful sort of alchemy, transforming us into better people, thus justifying  the heady valuations?

Is your Unicorn a victor, stepping up to the  epic struggle to change the world, soaring to unimaginable heights, becoming not just a successful company but a legend . – leaving “generational legacies “? 

Inspired by Adrian Chen is a New York-based writer whose work has appeared in Wired, New York magazine and The New York Times. 

Posted on December 26, 2015

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