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Things to consider when looking at opportunities in your business

I am curerntly working on an exciting opportunity to grow our business, which should be a brilliant stand alone business as well as an opportunity to grow both our existing and our clients businesses.

These are some of the things that we were looking at to determine whether we should go ahead with the business…..

  • What are the opportunities? If the market is already saturated, what is our point of difference (POD or USP)  that will stand out from the competition?
  • Why are we doing it? does it fit with our overall vision, product or service lines?
  • Who is going to lead the team or opportunity?
  • Do we have the resources and expertise to deliver the product or service?
  • How will we fund growth? (make sure we have adequate cash flow to givve the opportunity a good chance of working.)
  • What sort of timeframes can we expect before we will see a return? 
It would be great if you could add more things to look out for  below…
Posted on December 20, 2011

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