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Three easy strategies that my friend Travis Winn uses to achieve success and prosperity!

This is an excerpt from an article Travis Winn sent me 

Mind Trick #1- Visualize What You Want

You’ve heard of visualization before, but how often do you practice it? The famous actor Jim Carey carried around a check he made out to himself for MILLIONS of dollars and looked at it daily until he actually made millions. Coincidence? I think not. 

But knowing about this trick is not enough. Take a few minutes daily to close your eyes, imagine the things you want as being yours, then FEEL the feeling of having them. 

It worked for people like Jim Carey, Oprah, and many others, so why not you too?

Mind Trick #2- Play Pretend

Many people find it difficult to visualize the things they want to achieve. The good news is that it’s not the actual visualization that gets results, but the FEELING that you get when you visualize having what you really want. 

When I first began my entrepreneurial journey, I would drive around neighborhoods with the types of houses I wanted to live in. I would go to car dealerships and test drive (or even just SIT in) my dream car…. etc, etc. This can be a big motivation to help you see your goals to the end. 

Mind Trick #3- Associate with Positive People 

Association can be your BIGGEST help or your WORST enemy. Who do you spend your time with? People who support you, motivate you, and offer words of encouragement? Or do you invest a lot of your time with people who do nothing but DRAG you down? 

Creating success and prosperity requires a lot of energy, and negative people do nothing but DRAIN you of this vital force. People often overlook the fact that we have a CHOICE about who we share our goals, dreams and desires with. Make the right choice and you’ll enjoy a smoother ride to success.

Posted on June 28, 2012

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