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Trade Samurai

I just got back from our Innovation tour in the United States.  Wow!  Things are moving fast and opportunity is everywhere!

One of the hottest markets are definitely FinTech and Broking.  We met with the Charles Schwabb company (A US Broker) and they are investing big in The Fintech space – and online do it yourself broking.


I have two very close friends here in Sydney, Australia, whose businessTrade Samurai, is right in the centre of these markets… where social media, broking, fintech, learning  and gamification 

and they are doing a share offer right now, so there is an opportunity to invest if you’re interested?

Check this out. I would live be your feedback.

This is what Savannah has to say 

Trade Samurai

Trade Samurai is an exciting financial business which is truly revolutionary.  This business combines four of the hottest sectors:

• FinTech
• Broking
• Gaming
• Social media

Here is a short video to watch which outlines the business and the share offer:

Please click on this link to view:  https://youtu.be/VR-n2JIz2-s


Trade Samurai is a free App which people can downloadfor their mobile device (iPhone, iPad, etc).  They can then learn about trading the financial markets (stocks, CFDs, futures, forex) by playing a fun and engaging Samurai themed game.

Gamification is the best way for people to learn new skills, and Trade Samurai has been designed with the help of Octalysis, one of the world’s leading gamification expert firms.

Clients can open trading accounts with IG.com, Trade Samurai’s broking partner.  IG is one of the world’s largest and most respected brokers.  They have offices in 17 countries around the world and allow clients to trade on almost every exchange and product available globally, including US stocks, Australian stocks, CFDs, currencies, options, futures, gold, oil, bitcoin and much more!

Trade Samurai then provides clients with expert trade recommendations sent directly to their mobile device (iPhone, iPad, etc).  These trade recommendations tell clients exactly what to trade, when to enter, what price to trade and where to put stop losses and profit targets.

The key to teaching people how to trade is to get them to trade themselves.  Only by doing something will clients learn to become experienced traders.  If people receive expert trade recommendations and it’s easy to place the trade, then people will trade!  

Trade Samurai makes the entire trading experience fun, intuitive, educational and simple.

There are literally millions and millions of people, all around the world, who would love to learn how to trade the markets.  Trade Samurai makes that experience for them very easy and accessible.


Trade Samurai generates revenue in two main ways:

1.  Subscription fees for the trade recommendations

2. Broking fee revenue sharing with IG

The subscription fees for the trade recommendations are very competitively priced at only $19.99 per month.  

The Broking fee revenue sharing with IG is the main source of revenue for the business.  Please watch the video above for a detailed outline.  Here’s a hint… this is a very low overhead, high profit margin business!  

Here’s that link again to the video: https://youtu.be/VR-n2JIz2-s

Internationally scalable:

Though Trade Samurai started in Australia the plan is to expand internationally into the markets where IG already operates, including Singapore, UK, Europe, Japan, China, S.E Asia, South Africa and North America.  

As the business is primarily delivered via an App, the service can be made available to millions and millions of potential clients around the world.  Hence why this is a very low overhead business model.

I’ve personally known and worked with the directors of Trade Samurai for many, many years.  I can personally vouch for their professionalism, integrity and commitment to their clients, investors and business partners.

Share Offer:

The share offer is now open.  Please visit http://ift.tt/1Nrc2Ou to download the Offer Information Statement and share application form.

The minimum investment is only $2,499 and is available to both Retail and Wholesale investors, as well as international investors.

This is a ground floor, exciting opportunity to be a shareholder in a new breed of international financial services business.

I encourage you to take the time to watch the video and download the Offer Information Statement.

As a special bonus, Savannah has agreed to extend to all those who invest in Trade Samurai her Stock Market Case Study videos at no charge!  Normally these videos, which explain six key trading events, sold for more than $3,000.  She will provide them free of charge to those who invests.

But be quick… this offer is only open until Dec 15, 2017!


If you would like to contact the Founder and CEO of Trade Samurai directly, please contact Savannah Jackson at invest@tradesamurai.com

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Posted on November 18, 2017

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