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Turn your inner desires into reality!

Take a moment to look in the mirror….no, REALLY look in the mirror. Turn around, check yourself out and answer me honestly, are you happy with what you see? If you answered ‘yes’ then fantastic, well done!! You are however in the minority. Most people nowadays are unhappy with what stares back at them from that bothersome piece of glass. You may not believe me but we all have the power to change this and turn a ‘no’ into a great big ‘YES!!’. How? Well it starts with finding what motivates you. I enjoy the feeling of a great workout, the burn in my muscles and the sense of achievement at the end, this is intrinsic motivation. My wife is more extrinsically motivated, she loves the reward of feeling like she has earned her ‘treats’. The key to continued training is to find your motivation buttons and press them! So what are they? Well here are a few ideas:

  • Self – the feeling of confidence that comes with being happy within your skin.
  • Family – your family will appreciate a happier and healthier you. You will be a greater role model for your loved ones so, if not for you then do it for those you love.
  • Treats – can be anything from the occasional ‘naughty’ food item to a massage, a night away, dinner out or even buying that item of clothing you’ve had your eye on.
  • Friends – can be a great source of motivation, train together to make it more fun. Challenge each other to stay on track.  
  • Personal Trainer – the whole idea of a personal trainer is to help you achieve your goals and keep you motivated! Ensure you gel with your trainer as the right person will do you wonders!! However, like any relationship if your personalities clash then training will crash. 

Now take a moment to think about your motivation. What do you love in life? What are your favourite things to do? Your closest friends and family – who do you love? Now write these down and put it in your wallet or better yet make it your screen saver so it’s within easy reach when your next excuse comes knocking.
The majority of people will stop an exercise program within the first six months, so how do you maintain the motivation? Depending on your personality you may take the option of telling others about your new program, your goals, desires and rewards. This then makes you accountable to others. If you are more of a private person then you may prefer to write down your goals or have a picture of someone you aspire to. Set yourself the goal of being in the happy minority, those of us who look in the mirror and say ‘yes, I am happy with how I look’. Let’s change the statistics together and encourage each other to become healthier. Bottom line is you only get one shot in this body and you are the only person that has to put up with yourself 24/7 so why not make the most of life?
No more excuses, let’s get cracking recruit your inner desires and turn them into reality!!

By Chad Islip

Chad Islip is the 2012 Jetts Fitness Australian personal trainer of the year, and has been whipping people into shape for over 15 years. Chad is a dedicated family man and lives his passion by helping others achieve their best through health, wellbeing and fitness.
Posted on September 17, 2012

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