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Warning: this writing does not beat around the bush.

from my friend Giselle!

Many of you responded to my post five days ago where I wrote that the reason why people are not immediately and easefully successful is because they believe that they must suffer first. This is based on a guilt-ridden belief that you must deny yourself first to have later and that glory comes through pain.

This belief is rampant in our world instilled from an early age. As a little girl, I remember my Mum saying to me as she brushed my hair ‘you have to suffer to be beautiful’.

In that post, I wrote that the suffering cycle comes in many forms. Some of you said that you’d experienced all of them. Here they are again for good measure –

➢ Being the expert – believing that you have to master first before you can offer your services

➢ Believing that you are incomplete – and falsely partnering up with others whom you think will complete your incompleteness

➢ Playing the power game – giving your power away or having power over others

➢ Splitting yourself – separating yourself from money or relationship or health by believing that your good fortune is located in your future, not your now

➢ Playing the backend role through function or activity – because you don’t believe your voice will be heard and understood but these projects will keep you busy and engaged for a while until….

➢ Being in denial – when you favor focusing on the energetic realm over the physical realm and ignore your current reality and physical needs, including health, relationship and money

➢ Being rigid and fixated on there being only one way for your success to arrive – because your short-sightedness fails you to see what is already there and available and ready to be claimed

➢ Being ignorant in your arrogance – that it is ‘you’ who is running the show and forgetting that Life is always orchestrating things as per your request

➢ Being in the habit of struggle – what is natural and easeful and already within you and around you goes under the radar because all of your attention and energy has been sucked up by this struggle

Let’s take this conversation further.

People who experience suffering time and time again are not consciously choosing to fail or limit their success. Nobody would want that, unless they want out of where they are or what they are doing.

So here’s the thing.

You can only suffer if you believe the power is outside of you.

You can only suffer if you believe the power is in someone else, in a methodology or a formula, in a diet, in having money, in society’s conventions and ways.

I’ve used the term ‘success’, but I’d like to go deeper, because what I really believe that people are looking for is FREEDOM: freedom from unhealthy relationships, anxiety, failure, money issues, weight, poor reputation, conflict, abuse, not being seen or heard, the voice in their head etc.

In a nutshell, people are looking to be free of the powerlessness they feel…..and they believe that success will give them this sense of freedom.

But this is a false sense of freedom.

If you believe that freedom is found in what ‘success’ will bring you, you will never be free. As long as your freedom depends on people and circumstances needing to be a certain way, you are not free. And for a moment, if you’ve attained your external goals and feel free as a consequence, well, you’ve just done a job on yourself. Unfortunately it won’t take too long before your feelings of powerlessness will resurface again.

Why? Because you may have shifted those circumstances and people out of your life that had you feeling powerless in the first place, but guess who is still in your life? 


You – with your own thoughts and feelings. 
You – with your own perceptions of who you think you are.
You – with what you believe you’re capable of or not.
You – with your own internal demons.

You’re left with you and you’ll see that the only person you are not free from is you.

I’ll say that again. 

The only person you are not free from is you.

If you’ve had limited and struggle-filled on-the-ground success, you have been captive, not by another, or by a circumstance, but by yourself.

In the process, yes, you will have certainly given your power away to people and situations as a consequence that match that sense of internal powerlessness.

But the real cause of your failure or limited success is the lack of freedom you have within yourself.

Somewhere along the line, you gave your freedom away. Something happened and this innocent freedom was shocked out of you and replaced with an idea of who you need to be. In this moment, your rightful and natural sense of ease with life was gone. I remembered vividly one such time yesterday. 

When Nelson Mandela was released from prison he said “As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn’t leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I’d still be in prison.” 

Nelson Mandela knew that whilst he’d been granted external freedom, he was responsible for his internal freedom.

Where there is no freedom within yourself, you have automatically split yourself from your true nature.

When you have split yourself from your true nature, you engage with a false sense of self and a mechanical way of how life works.

When you engage with this false sense of self and mechanical way of how life works, you ensure your suffering.

When you ensure your suffering, you separate yourself from your easeful and natural success.

Freeing yourself from your perceived false sense of self and mechanical way of how life works is the only antidote I know to suffering.

Some questions for you to consider……

• What would it be like to be free from your own internally created struggle? Really, what would it be like?

• Who might you be?

• What might you choose?

• What might you dare to claim?

• What might you dare to dream into reality, rather than have it remain as an unrequited fantasy?

There is such a fascination to finding the answer to freedom through others. I was unnerved by this when I attended the Mind Body Spirit Festival for the first time last year. I felt like I was walking through a sea of powerlessness with so many people searching for their freedom by sitting with psychics, crystals and healers.

Nobody or no-thing can free you.

If you think that someone else has the answers to your freedom, you are by far mistaken.

As a coach, I don’t dare claim that I have the answers to anyone’s freedom.

Only YOU can free yourself from yourself and the life that you have created.

You walked this earth in freedom once. Freedom is your rightful home. Are you ready to return?

In the early months of 2014, I am committing myself to supporting people to move out of their suffering and into their internal freedom.

I am committing myself to supporting people to experience peace and presence within their bodies and their minds regardless of what is going on in the outside.

When you are internally free, you are free to choose again.

When you are free to choose again, you are free to live and lead authentically, not by anyone else’s rules, nor the rules of your false sense of self.

This internal freedom can only come if you are willing to love yourself first, if you are willing to value you before anyone or anything, and I know this is a big call for many. 

But this is where freedom starts.

As a human race, we have been gifted with free will. In this first step to freeing yourself, do you give yourself the freedom to use your free will to choose you?

I’ve named this year as the year of wild success. To be wildly successful, you first need to be wildly free. This is the first step.

I am ‘recruiting’ people to join a two month coaching program who above all else, are choosing to live and lead from this internal sense of freedom that I am speaking about here.

I am seeking applications from people who above all else, are willing to give themselves FULLY to themselves in the first months of this year as they release themselves from own internal struggles.

I am seeing applications from people who above all else, are choosing to no longer believe that they need to suffer to be successful.

I am seeking applications from people who above all else, are choosing to experience the inner peacefulness and presence that IS who they are, no matter what is happening on the outside in their family, their work lives, their health etc.

I am seeking applications from people who above all else, are choosing to be wildly successful in 2014 through ease, joy and authenticity.

Please private message me with your application and let me know

➢ What are you seeking freedom from within yourself?
➢ Where have you not experienced easeful success and suffered instead?
➢ In your heart of hearts, what would you love to experience within yourself in 2 months time…and then by the end of this year?
➢ What are you prepared to ‘give up’ to experience this? (this is not about sacrificing, but rather what you are prepared to let go of)

Please know that 

➢ This program will require your full commitment to 

o developing and exercising your intuitive muscle
o getting a little messy as you turn things upside down and inside out and see new, more powerful ways of being created through you and by you
o loving and valuing yourself more than you ever have in your life

➢ I only coach people who I am certain will take 100% personal responsibility for their results, even if they don’t know how to yet

I look forward to your application!


Posted on January 16, 2014

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