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We are no better or worse than anyone else we are just different!

 I was speaking to my Coach, Leonard Whittaker, and we were talking about how I build businesses… what I said was that I will develop a business and then partner with someone who is better than me, and allow him (or her) to build and run  that business.
Leonard really took offence to that comment – and said that no one is better or worse than anyone else – they are just different, and  that people should celebrate their differences.
You are not competing with anyone – just striving for your personal best.
The only person who is better than you is the person who you are about to become.

Leonard mentioned the analogy of 4 animals in a class being taught to climb a wall … the monkey and tiger could easily do it… but no matter how hard he tried, the elephant couldnt climb that wall…. does that mean the elephant is worse that the monkey… no, just different!! 
We then chatted about the importance of having a balanced team, and suggested that each member do a Kolby Profile, and ensure that the team has a balance – or else it will not sustain.
(when I find out more about this – will let you know)
He talked about Mills view on “Liberty” where with vigorous and violent collision of opinions do we get to the truth! – people have different strengths and viewpoints – which should be celebrated , respected, vigorously discussed and nurtured.
I am really looking forward to our first 10X Foundations at the end of November!!

Posted on October 24, 2014

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