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What a Great Thanks giving message

Hi Ivan,


I bet this is not the first message you received today about gratitude. 😉

But it’s a little different.


It’s easy to be grateful if everything is fine in your life, if you have a great family who supports you, if you’re having success in business, if you and your loved ones are healthy…


But what if it’s not? What if circumstances are unfair to you right now? What if it’s hard to be grateful?


If that’s you I want you to know that it’s even more important to find things and reasons to be grateful.


This is an opportunity for you to change your circumstances.


And this is not just nice words, this is what I know from years of my personal experience…


Let’s go a little deeper…


These days everybody knows how important it is to be grateful.


But there is ONE thing that many people are missing.


It’s wonderful to write down a list of what you’re grateful for.


But it’s not enough…


What’s important is to FEEL it.


After you’ve created a list of what WAS and IS in your life that you’re grateful for, create a list of what WILL happen in your life that you’re grateful for.


Take a few moments and feel it in your heart, feel it in your body, fill yourself with this amazing energy of gratitude… and become abundant inside…


This energy attracts good things in your life. 😉


Make it your daily practice…


Have a Happy Thanksgiving no matter where you are in the world!




 I love you!




Lena Shkud Valmore






You’re amazing and powerful! I’m so grateful to have you in my world!

Posted on November 25, 2016

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