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What are the analysts saying? Budget 2011


Stephen Long: It’s hard to fault the political priorities of the budget – increasing skills training and workforce participation – but a “tough budget”? Tough as tofu.
Alan Kohler: Despite all the stern prime ministerial repetition, this budget is not tough… Any decent CFO would be embarrassed by this budget.
Ross Gittins: Taken in sum, there are plenty of cuts and savings that suggest some courage in Canberra.
Peter Hartcher: Stop the presses: it’s a budget that ditches tax cuts.
Dennis Shanahan: It’s not radical in any sense of the word but it’s as close to an old-fashioned Labor budget as you could get.
Peter van Onselen: The political impact of this year’s budget will only really be known in two years’ time.

Key budget stories

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What’s been the reaction?

Find out what the following groups are saying about the budget:

When does the Opposition respond?

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott will deliver the Opposition’s budget right of reply on Thursday May 12 at 7.30pm. It will be broadcast on ABC News 24 and ABC1.
Posted on May 10, 2011

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