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What is it that has made Costco a $100b company?

What has given Costco the X factor?

Customer Service
“Every time I buy from Costco, I don’t even flinch about swiping my card, because of the flexibility and ease that high quality customer service has. For me, it’s almost as if I feel that Costco has more trust in me, that I will love their products, and if not, I can bring it back “
Says Chirag Kulkarni
The secret….
 Taking care of their employees and not on fancy Fitouts 
When asked Blake about the work, he says “I love it, and it’s extremely rewarding because my managers and upper management care.”
When asked how does he know they care, he cited his pay, which was much higher than the industry standard, stock options, future growth trajectory in the company, and interest that upper management has in the store he works in.
Costco understands that spending money on their employees, and not on things that “don’t matter” will make their company a better place to work, and a better place to shop.
Inspired by chirag kulkarni
Posted on February 1, 2016

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