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What one would do with $1m – from karl brown

karl brown • $1mill ,, hmm I would invest in companies that have advantage of near monopoly or that have amarket edge on the competition

Here are my favoutite stocks in the UK, rmember this is only my opinion I aint no professional advisor just a well researched punter..

Baltic OIL (AIM< BTC) virtual monopoly managing the most efficient shipping terminal on the BALTIC , trading at 4 time earnings and with asecond half due to be 20% better than first half itys a raging buy in my book Ortac resources (AIM> OTC) with a newly announced upgraded proven 1million ozs of gold resources in the ground and capitalised at only £26mill…do the math.
Petro MATAD (MATD) the only credible mongolian oil explorer with government backing. and great connections.. 900 mill barrels of light crude in the ground easily accessible and next door to china a ready made consumer. They have a monopoly on an area twice the size of Ireland. market cap of only £250mill.
Iomart (IOM) cloud computing, simply the best in the UK and fastest growing at 60% per annum and just past a critical mass and so far ahead of the rest of the Uk competition .

my best 4 to turn $1mill into $2 mill in a year

Posted on March 7, 2011

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