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When is it time to get a coach

Great analogy by Kane Mincus

I got asked recently in a seminar (in front of 500 people so I needed a good response!) when is a good time to get a coach? The classic and passé answer would be “ANYTIME!” But that’s not a very satisfying answer for me honestly. Instead of answering directly – I did a very “Coachy” thing – I told a metaphor. And those of you that know me I tend to say what’s true for me in the moment – and not censor it  Soo….here’s what I said: A coach is like hairstyling gel (I realised this might resonate more with the men then the women… but it was a man who asked me :))…. They are useful at anytime, but they are most critical when your hair is really crazy. When your hair is under control, and fresh, nice and well cut, styling gel is great and makes you even more polished and play a higher level game with your looks. However, it’s when your hair get’s out of control, wild and crazy is when it becomes the most valuable thing you have. Unfortunately, people tend to hide when their hair gets nuts – women many times pull it back into a bun/pont tail etc. Men often start wearing a hat. They are all trying to hide it. Yet this is the moment to not hide, but to make sure you have a professional. And of course it is not long before you start seeking a salon appt and get a professional to get things under control for you. The problem is in business and life, that gap between the mess and the professional can be million of dollars lost, or lost opportunities, precious moments with people in relationships missed, etc. It’s not the times you are dressed perfectly and looking good that coaches worry about, it’s the times you are hiding because things are not perfect and your hair is too wild to go to that party. You see THAT party is the party that likely has major connections for you. 

When I finished I got a large burst of applause for the description and for some reason everyone felt very compelled to buy hair gel at lunch.

Posted on May 10, 2015

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