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When you invest – what’s more important – the product or the people

Message from Patrick Schartzenegger
I wanna share this for multiple reasons but mostly as a form of INSPIRATION. 
Few years ago I was watching SharkTank & EVERY JUDGE told these 3 brothers that their idea wasn’t great. Doesn’t have legs to really make It. Too many coffee brands already out there…just simply wont work. 
I fell in love with these 3 brothers determination & work ethic & personally I loved the concept. I simply slid into their DM’s and struck a deal and the rest is history. 
PERFECT EXAMPLE OF NEVER GIVE UP. I know it’s cheesy but in life you will always encounter people that tell you not to dream so big. You won’t make It. Not possible. And what happens is you start to put a value on other people’s opinions & you begin to fear failure. You lose your confidence. You worry about what others will think of you if the biz doesn’t go perfectly…
DON’T LISTEN TO THE NAYSAYERS & REMEMBER YOUR DESTINATION & USE EVERY DAY TO GET CLOSER TO THAT GOAL. Focus on the NOW. I know I always say this but I find It important to have someone that constantly reminds you that YOU ARE CAPABLE! KEEP PUSHING! 
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Posted on July 4, 2020

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