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Why Investment Properties should have a place in every Financial Plan

1. The right Properties will Increase over time
Let me know if you want an ebook on how to find the right property .
2. You can leverage properties in a relatively safe way – relatively low volatility compared to shares

3. You can take advantage of negative gearing  
Why Property prices in Australia will increase over time  
1. Increase in Salaries and Wellbeing of our Nation
Property has increased in proportion to average salaries .

Three decades ago the average full-time worker took home just under $19,000 per year in a time when the average house price was less than $150,000.

Today annual earnings exceed $73,000 with the average house price in most capital cities exceeding $520,000.

By the time Generation Z (5-19-year-olds) begin to retire (beginning in 2063) the average annual earnings will exceed $222,000 while the median capital city house price will be $2.5 million.

2. Increase in our Population

Australia is currently growing by 1 million every 2 years – that’s one new Canberra per year, or a new Darwin every 14 weeks! 
Australia grows 40% by natural increase and 60% by net overseas migration, and our growth rate (1.8%) is well above the world’s growth rate (1.1%).
Posted on October 21, 2015

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