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Working crazy hours impresses no one . It helps no one

It really pisses me off when people can’t seem to stop talking about the crazy hours they work.

Donald Trump has been endlessly knocking Hillary Clinton for sleeping  calling out her lack of stamina, as he brags about not needing much sleep!
Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer ( now ex) , said in a recent Bloomberg BusinessWeek interview that she regularly pulls all nighters, and can judge a startup’s chances for success by whether people are working on the weekends and 130 hours in a week, referring to the value hard work played in Google’s success.
Working more than 55 hours a week is bad for you– in many ways  

This has got to stop. 
The idea that being well-rested could be a black mark against a leader is preposterous. And even if a super early wake-up time works for some people — if you’re having to get up at 4 a.m. to avoid distractions in your day, there’s probably something wrong with how we’re working.
4 in 10 Americans don’t use all the vacation time allotted and a Gallup poll found that 50 percent of people work more than 40 hours a week, and the average, nearly 47 hours a week in 2014, and has been creeping up for years.
The expectation of crazy hours is strong enough that one researcher found some men pretend to work an 80-hour week, even when they don’t.
Research, time and time again, shows  negative effects on people’s health, on turnover, on absenteeism, on productivity. 
Studies have shown that after about 50 hours a week, productivity actually decreases 

Amazon.will soon launch an experiment that sets up technical teams made up solely of part-time workers, earning benefits and salaries – naturally at lesser pay – and outputs will probably increase! 
Pip Marlow’s keynote saying that Microsoft is changing from Activity based focus to outcomes based focus really resonated with me . If you can achieve your outcome in 5 minutes while sitting on the toilet…. In my view …. Happy Days 

People don’t buy what you do …. They buy why you do it!
Article inspired from Washington post article  by Jane McGregor http://ift.tt/2c3cLb5
Posted on September 9, 2016

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