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12 top tech predictions in 2019

  1. Customer service will be key 
  2. Cyber security will be up there 
  3. Evolvement of the workplace will change 
  4. Soft skills will become increasingly important as AI does everything else
  5. Agile development will become the standard
  6. Blockchain will evolve and scale becoming ubiquitous 
  7. Synthetic biology will evolve
  8. AI will create more effective and easy slicing and dicing to get effective data to make informed decisions
  9. Communications, Internet of Things (IOT) and 5G will be a game changer 
  10. Online marketplaces will see death of Department stores
  11. The Gig Economy will Grow 
  12. Hosting your own servers will be a thing of the past 

Here is a link to Incs top 31techpreductions in 2019


I tend to agree with Michael Osipenko who posted on Linkedin  that Customer Experience will be the biggie  (#21 on Incs list)

 “Today we live in a subscription economy. And like it or not, your customers are at the epicenter of your business model

“We have all become this customer. And we expect that your business consistently delights and delivers your service conveniently–in the way we want it, and with the outcomes we expect. We have become your second board of directors and we will have increasing power in the future, so you’d better build a healthy ongoing relationship with us if you want to succeed.” Mark Heller, Zuora 

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What are your top tech predictions to 2020?

Posted on December 5, 2018

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