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Why is Telemarketing company “ListenTrust” outperforming its competitors and is a company that people aspire to be part of?

Founders Craig Handley and Tony Riccardo share their secret….

They focus on up-skilling their team ,  by treating their business as a training ground or “vocational university” – so their employees can aspire to bigger and better things.

“When we hire you, we tell you exactly what we’re doing: training you to quit,” enthuses Handley. 

This isn’t some BS corporate policy that employees secretly roll their eyes about. Handley, Ricciardi, and upper management work directly with employees to chart where they want to go in their lives and exactly how to get there.

The program targets six pillars of personal development from career goals to intellectual growth. 

The result is a clear blueprint for each employee on how to achieve their dreams and how ListenTrust fits into that picture. Employees then receive one-on-one mentorship, online training, and live events to get them there.

An example of a client result “ListenTrust took a campaign from another center doing $8 in revenue per call and within a month, agents produced $24 per call on the same campaign.”

But initially there was pushback against some of the firm’s efforts to build an incredible culture—and Employees didn’t want to talk about personal issues with managers and executives, especially sensitive topics that might have related to their personal goals, like eliminating personal debt.

However, over time, when employees understood the ethos of the business, they started to embrace this culture of learning.

An interesting insight – giving creates more happiness than receiving 

“Forrester Research came in to do a study to see how we could improve happiness. An interesting insight was in respect of pay increases ……

It turned out that a raise of 50 cents an hour increased performance, but happiness stayed the same. Interestingly, giving that money to charity instead ending up improving both performance and happiness. Happier employees were found to have higher close rates. The lesson? “It was profitable to do good,” says Handley.

Machine learning with a human advantage.

Today, ListenTrust is busy solidifying its diligently forged culture across every part of the company.

With advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence, Handley and Ricciardi see the future of the call center business as one where humans and machines work hand in hand to provide better service. “We believe AI, predictive models, and algorithms are really going to change the type of calls we’re going to handle and how those calls are processed,” says Ricciardi.

This technological shift could help the company better identify who wants to buy and who doesn’t and tailor offers appropriately for the best possible outcome. That means better service and prices for customers.

Ivan’s Insight

Here’s the interesting thing….. the companies “pulse” has nothing to do with telemarketing – it has to do with educating enthusing and inspiring their team . They just happen to provide their customers with an outstanding telemarketing service. 

Posted on July 28, 2017

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