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5G , Huawei and Innovation in Australia

AUSTRALIAN Financial Review 15 June 2018

There are talks about not using Huawei, a leading edge Telco to be part of the supply of Australia’s 5G network.
Not only would the price differential between Huawei and its competitors such as Ericcson and NOKIA be up to 30pc more favourable,  but Huawei’s technology has been consistently ahead of its competitors.
Huawei is a major player in Canada, Britain, France, Italy and Africa  and operated with full transparency, ethics and within the laws of each country.
Tom Uren, a cyber security expert says that the 5G network and the NBN will together form the spinal chord of the Australian economy – which needs the highest levels of trust, reliability and security of these networks.
Most countries have managed to embrace Huawei’s technology within their own national security network – and there is no reason why Australia can’t do the same says
 (CEO, John Lord (rear Admiral of Navy , Chairman of DMS Maritime Services Pty Ltd and a member of the Victorian Government’s Defence Council as well as other State Government Boards. )

The question is … who can you trust?

USA suppliers – who have just been the centre of major data security breeches re Facebook and Elections , or Data beeeches with Equifax – where 10million records of USA citizens credit cards and social security numbers and personal details are sitting somewhere in the dark cloud.
USA has placed trade restrictions on Huawei and ZTE and other Chinese companies to protect and grow their USA companies.
Huawei’s chairman, John Brumby (former Treasurer and Premier of Victoria) says if China’s growth slows as a result of America’s trade tariffs, the consequences for Australia will be immense. Mr Brumby has emphasised the perils of economic protectionism, saying tariffs on China – Australia’s largest trading partner across ten categories – will be detrimental to the global and national economy.

China is a great contributor to the Australian economy on so many levels, and we should embrace them as a Global Partner!

My view is that protectionism is not healthy – and does not come from a place of being “part of a global community”
We are a global economy, and we need to collaborate, learn and grow together. 

What do you think? 

Posted on June 17, 2018

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