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The future of E’learning has arrived

The future of eLearning is surely bright. Here are 6 sensational eLearning trends.

1. Mobile Learning
Mobile learning, also known as mLearning, is not simply eLearning on a mobile device. The eLearning content for mLearning is precisely created for mobile devices. This transformation demands skillful Instructional Design that is compatible with mobile devices. Increasing eLearning trends have made companies to launch Learning Management Systems (LMS) which are operational over multiple platforms. Companies want their employees to have the luxury of retrieving training materials and resources from any device, at any time and any place. Hence, increasing trend of mLearning has revolutionized learners’ experiences. It is not necessary to sit in front of a PC to access trainings. Future eLearning will always be “on the go”.

2. Gamification in Learning
Gamification is not a latest industry trend but it is an ever-evolving one. It is not just restricted to kids but it equally engages adults and facilities learning process as a whole. Gamification has become a handy addition in eLearning. It not only challenges learners’ abilities, but it pitches learners against each other in a positive manner; reinforcing them to polish their skills and learning harder. Gamification also provides the luxury of adding various levels in learning. Learners have to start from basic level. Virtual scenarios make learning faster and more engaging. More and more organizations have started implementing gamification in their eLearning.

3. Micro-learning

In a fast paced corporate culture, micro-learning is fastest of the learning trends. Micro-learning involves mini-bytes of learning content made available to the learner. This content might include 5-10 minutes videos, single page documents, focused articles, specific and small chunks of lessons. The main objective of micro-learning is not to burden the learner with too much reading and to provide him with small chunks of learning in his daily busy schedule.

4. Competency-Based Learning
Popularity of competency-based learning has risen in the corporate sector. It is a rising trend because it enables employees to get insights of their own skills, strengths and weaknesses. It lets them identify the areas of improvement. Knowing more about their weaknesses they can decide how to pace their learning, which skills to follow and which areas to work on more.

5. Cloud-Based eLearning Systems

Cloud-based eLearning systems are young but gaining ground steadily. The latest trend has seen Learning Management Systems and authoring tools switch to cloud-based platforms. It not only gives mobility but reduces the training costs significantly. It is also easy to introduce new product and features on cloud-based systems and authoring tools.

6. Wearable Technology Training

With the advent of wearable gadgets like Google Glass, Apple Watch, and Oculus Rift – trend of virtual reality in eLearning has seen an immense rise in such a short period of time. These wearable devices help learners to interact with eLearning content in a more dynamic way. They make eLearning more engaging and interactive. Use of 3D simulations and virtual scenarios make Virtual Reality more appealing for eLearning industry.

Posted on November 13, 2018

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