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The major news in Tech in 2019 – in my view is the development of the Quantum computer – the Q System 1 – which was launched at CES by IBM

What does quantum computing mean . 

In terms that I understand – it’s replacing bits and bytes (binary, 0 and 1) with atoms turning left and right. This enables computer power to scale to effectively infinity. 

What does this mean to you and me ?

A key factor is the commercialisation of Bitcoin and Blockchain 

It’s going to change the way we transact financially . 

Currently – Bitcoins constraint is the ability to transact immediately. Everyone someone’s transacts – the computer system/cloud has to travel through the entire ledger system – which takes minutes – 

Using Quantum computers – this will be immediate! 

Re processing speeds, NBN , Internet , data transfer, storage – I think Qantam computers will be a game changer.

Not sure whether I have got the concept right – but it sure does sound an exciting time to be in tech and on this planet! 

War chest of jargon




Quantum computing in a nutshell:

Quantum computing is all about qubits, or quantum bits. These are the basic units of information used by quantum computers. Unlike regular bits, which store data as either 1s or 0s, qubits take advantage of the quantum phenomenon known as superposition. This means they essentially exist as 1s and 0s simultaneously.

The advantage of this in computing is that it exponentially increases the amount of information you can process. A pair of qubits that can exist as either 1s or 0s can embody four possible states. Three qubits can embody eight. But three hundred qubits can embody more states than there are atoms in the Universe.


Posted on January 12, 2019

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