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A Case Study of how an organisation is creating a new blueprint for their future of work

Heather McGowan shares a brilliant case study of an Australian Client – a fast growing financial services firm who has been disrupted and has  to look at changing its 150 year old blueprint – fast! 

Their 500+ employees largely consist of millennials, they 100% work in an office, the company has large CBD-located overheads, over 73% of their teams travel more than 2 hours on public transport every day, and their clients are Sydney-based.

Covid-19 happenned – people worked from home – and the clients were still being looked after! Employees were relieved of not having to spend a large portion of their day travelling to work! 

All employees were engaged in remodelling the 150 year old blueprint – to focus on the people –  the customer and the employees 

Using SCAMPER – a Novel Thinking approach where potential solutions are elicited from questioning how we might Substitute, Combine, Adjust, Modify (magnify, minify), Put to other uses, Eliminate and/or Reverse, Rearrange the current working reality into something new – 

the team has come up with an adjusted blueprint for the workplace going forward 

The Proposed new blueprint 

1. trial 3 days at home and 2 at the office (rostered). 

2. Outreach to clients (site visits) had never been a part of organisational practice but to be put to clients as an option.

3. regional markets to be tested – employees expressed an interest to move regional – . establish cells within each location where team members worked in an office together 2 days a week. People still want to work together. 

4. pursuing market specialisation in growth verticals within regions (for example agriculture, aquaculture, viticulture, mining)

The business has a great chance of thriving and surviving post Covid-19 say Heather – because 

“The principals of the business were agile AND flexible. They acted and they acted fast. They are willing to fail because with failure comes learning and with learning growth” 

The key success factor will be to place humans at the centre of the workplace and empower them to help rewrite the 150 year old business blueprint! 

Read here the full article

Posted on May 7, 2020

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