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AI in Health and Medical Aid

Aetna announced that it will be subsidizing the purchase of an Apple Watch for select companies and individuals. Aetna as a health incentive.


 Aetna is saying that it has determined that watch-wearers are lower insurance risks. Some of that may be because those who want to wear a watch are already healthier. But others are because the watch creates healthier habits.

The Watch allows Aetna to directly incentivize certain behaviors in its customers. And as the AI in the Watch becomes more sophisticated, the directions from Aetna could become more personalized with health guidance tailored to each individual. 

While there is a “greater good” aspect to incentivizing healthier lifestyles, it will also be important to watch how the AI solves for Aetna’s profit margin.

 What kind of directions would an AI give to an individual who has a long-term illness? Or to an individual who has a history of exercise-related accidents? Are the health benefits worth the cost of treating broken bones? 
I wonder whether this will be followed by Hcf or mbf  or discovery health … maybe a whitelabelled Apple Watch ? 
Posted on October 2, 2016

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