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An excellent site for data on the virus

Click here 

This is an excellent site for data on the virus

The one thing I must control now is my interactions with others and the world.  It is my most important job both for myself, my wife, and others.  On our front door and on my computer screen is this reminder sign. “

Oh, you obviously can touch your face after washing your hands.  Just remember not to touch anything, like the can of beans you just brought into the house without washing your hands again.  I know this is obvious to everyone here, but you can’t be too careful. We can’t make even one mistake!

 “Calm emerges when we are not controlled by circumstances out of our control. Knowing the limits of our actions, and conversely the strength of our own power, is critical to finding a place where we can be in support of others.  And gratitude and kindness never hurt. “
Posted on March 21, 2020

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