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An ode to Oz

With a  population of entrepreneurs , small business owners, leaders, Ozzie battlers artists, Parents and Children – we punch above our weight – and have a voice with the superpowers.

We strive to be a people that collaborate NOT berate.

We cherish life and experiences AND learn from them.

We are not perfect, but I am proud to be Australian and am hopeful for our future.

We are a country  that has world class educational institutions and a VET system, with every Australian having an opportunity to upskill – with amazing humans  giving the time to educate, help and provide services and support to ALL…. no matter what your religion, race or bias.

We are a nation that the rest of the world aspires to visit – wanting “their” slice of the Ozzie  dream.

As a country we know that the future of technology and human convergence is coming, and we need to be at the forefront and ride that tidal wave. 

We need to master the digital realm and to do this we need to invest  time, resources, training and lifeblood into this realm. 

Onwards and upwards 

Posted on June 30, 2019

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