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BBG and Agile

Your 8 ways to acquire an  agile mindset and The Learning Consortium sounds really resonated with me.

In Australia, we have been testing a concept based on the 3 laws that we have called BBG 
See http://ift.tt/2buHFaW;

– the law of small teams
– the law of the customer and
– the law of networks

Without knowing that it was called agile 

We call it business builders group (www.bbg.business) and ( http://ift.tt/2cwEIXD)

And it has absolutely hit a chord with people. (We have 120 members in 9 groups since April….. And just launched in Singapore 2 weeks ago .

Each chapter meets once a month at a BBG forum for 3 hours – facilitated by a mentor – in a fairly rigid framework – with the sole purpose of the members getting to “know like and trust” one another.
(The original purpose was to enable people to refer business to one another – using Referron  – the best referral app in the world that no- one uses!!!! Referrin was created to enable you to easily refer (within 3 taps of your phone) and then enable you to track, measure and reward that referral – Referron has had so many people download (50k so far)  and so few people were using (only 1000) (aaaaarghhh) ) –

there was an aha moment …..

that people will only refer to people who know like and trust one another! 

So we created BBG – with 4 pillars….. And the chapters and forums have become so much more than a referral network group!

1. People join with a spirit of generosity – they come with a mindset of coming to the forum to give and add value to someone else vs coming with the mindset of wifm ( what leads will I get today . Call it “paying it forward” – 
2. The group is facilitated by an experienced mentor
3. There are a maximum of 30 people in each forum (20 is ideal) 
4. Referrals are made using Referron or email – being able to “strike while the iron is hot” – and being able to refer someone to a person that they know like and trust within 3 taps of the phone! 

Each chapter effectively looks like your figure 2 which incorporates all the players in figure 4! – with a nice mix of face to face and technology working together.

The network is figure 4 – but at the centre of the BBG network is the square that represents the leadership team and direction of the organisation. 

The nice thing is that members of the BBG chapter don’t need to have equity in each other – or even have a commercial interest in each other!

Once they get to know like and trust each other – they can form and dissolve teams on demand based on customers needs – and  effectively “dance on the customers stage! “

We are looking to maybe do a roadtrip to SF and Seattle in 1st or 2nd  week of Nov….. To explore setting up a few chapters with a view to rolling out chapters across USA.

Would love to catch up with you all – so we can press flesh!!
Let me know if you’ll be around .

Posted on September 9, 2016

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