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Deep Learning and the Alpha Node – will you be the next victim of AI

No matter how experienced or qualified you are – your job will be effected by big data and the “AI machine”

Take the example of a recruiter in the IT industry 

Can your decisions and years of experience  be transformed into the “Decision Matrix” or the “alpha node”?

Thr “alpha node”  will make all the decisions and functioning in the organization on your behalf providing the requisite competitive advantage and that too with greater efficiency – based on big data and the deep neural networking learning  that will be calculated through the relevant algorithms of quantum computing. 

So let’s find the ideal Post for an organisation 

The alpha node 

  • will learn the skills, traits, and the intellectual map for the role.
  • pool candidates that come from a certain sample space not leveraging the true pool of candidates. 
  • would get access to candidates’ digital profile mapping all the critical skills, along with the knowledge required. The bias of Harvard, MIT would end, as the cognitive construction that only those institutes produce top graduates invoking a bias. (Flawed?)
  • The “alpha hire” would be bias-free and won’t require degree and experience rather skill and that is what required by 2025 to survive for corporations.
  • the vision would triumph in alpha hire rather than experience, the critical point is what can you do for an organization and how?? 
  • The written or AI-based oral interviews can gauge the candidate’s logical understanding, focusing on routine points of what have the candidate had done in the past; 
  • post-selection may still be at your disposal? From bonuses to your efficiency – nope –  everything will be in under alpha node

The matrix is powerful and all situational based decision could be carried out by it. 

Maybe the HR data scientists will also be hired  by “alpha node” to keep innovating the model. 

So the competitive advantage of an organisation and simultaneously cost-cutting will make Corporation go for the “alpha node hire”

How can the “alpha node” respect diversity and vision before it’s too late?

Is there a place for human gut feel and intuition? 

What do you think 

Posted on February 28, 2020

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