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Disrupting Unemployment: The Untapped $100 Trillion Startup Market

Location: 990 Spring Garden St i4j session now on Tues starting at 1215pm


HOSTS: i4j Co-Founders David A. Nordfors and Vint Cerf (video),co-inventor of the Internet. Co-authors of “Disrupting Unemployment”


Moderator: Jim Clark


With Participants from the i4j Leadership Forum (video)



People are our world’s most under-utilized resource. All people can create value for others, but we have not had the economy that makes it happen.  An innovation-for-jobs ecosystem of entrepreneurial startup companies can disrupt unemployment, introduce a people-centered economy where business is about increasing the value of people instead of merely lowering the costs of tasks. Entrepreneurs will earn by helping people earn better. They will use AI to make people more valuable, tailor jobs that leverage on their strengths, match them in teams that do excellently together, find them meaningful high-value tasks with good clients. The present dysfunctional labor market wastes human capacity by dismal matchmaking. Innovation can make people valuable again. The i4j Innovation for Jobs Leadership Forum is a community that has been discussing since 2013 how to make it happen. We will be presenting some ideas. 


Posted on July 31, 2016

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