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Doing vs Being

This conversation of Automation – and the worry that innovation and automation is detrimental to the human race does not sit well with me! Something needs to change!!!

is it bad to automate processes that could potentially replace millions of jobs as we know it? Is it bad to reward people in a different way? 

Doing vs being

We are not human doings , we are human beings!

If robots AI and technology are taking jobs, because they can do things faster – this can only be a good thing – it gives the humans more time to be.

Being shouldn’t be about randomly doing for wage. It should be about doing to add value to your fellow human being and your environment.

Human beings ( and indeed many other species) have thrived over the centuries and millennia by being in tribes ( or communities) , and creating structure, usually being governed by a strong leader. 

The tribe has developed by working as a team – with the leader allocating functions for survival and growth. 

The way this has been done in the last Millenia is through Economics. 

A system of exchange, giving the human a reward for doing (providing a service or a product ) , so they can be, using “fun vouchers” (money) as a common currency.

As humans have evolved and innovated, they have developed tools, that can do the doing, so they can get more fun vouchers, so they can do more being.

So, if a tribes doing has been automated, enabling their tribe to do more being, giving them  more fun vouchers, enabling them to be rather than do – how can this be a bad thing? 

Humans need a sense of usefulness that has in the last few hundred years been supplied by jobs – but why does adding value and feeling useful have to be related to earning fun vouchers ? 

Posted on July 5, 2016

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