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Don’t fear intelligent machines, work with them

Gary Kasparov’s final 2.5 minutes of his latest Ted Talk

12:18Twenty years after my match with Deep Blue, second match, this sensational “The Brain’s Last Stand” headline has become commonplace as intelligent machines move in every sector, seemingly every day. But unlike in the past,when machines replaced farm animals, manual labor, now they are coming after people with college degrees and political influence. 

And as someone who fought machines and lost, I am here to tell you this is excellent, excellent news. 

Eventually, every profession will have to feel these pressures or else it will mean humanity has ceased to make progress. 

We don’t get to choose when and where technological progress stops. We cannot slow down. In fact, we have to speed up. 

Our technology excels at removing difficulties and uncertainties from our lives, and so we must seek out ever more difficult, ever more uncertain challenges. 

Machines have calculations. We have understanding. 

Machines have instructions. We have purpose. 

Machines have objectivity. We have passion. 

We should not worry about what our machines can do today. Instead, we should worry about what they still cannot do today, because we will need the help of the new, intelligent machines to turn our grandest dreams into reality. 

And if we fail, if we fail, it’s not because our machines are too intelligent, or not intelligent enough. If we fail, it’s because we grew complacent and limited our ambitions. 

Our humanity is not defined by any skill, like swinging a hammer or even playing chess.


There’s one thing only a human can do. That’s dream. So let us dream big.

Posted on June 3, 2017

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