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Education – 1 of 9 industries going through major disruption

Interesting Insite from ATOM http://ift.tt/2pMo1jh

Automation and outsourcing are causing industries to vanish – employees are being laid off – being forced to find jobs at half their current salary…. if in fact there are jobs ….

and the old economy Is transferring to the gig economy.

One can no longer depend on one job and one source of income – based on the current rate of change – that job will likely be obsolete in a short while. 

The average person will have 14 different careers after school – and skill sets of those jobs will be taught on the job. 


Schools and universities need to focus on the skillset of learning to learn and how to nurture relationships and communication …. ie soft skills.

Education, both higher and lower, is being disrupted by the day

Many universities with bloated  cost structures and excessive administrative personnel will be 

disrupted by companies that have produced courses and even entire degrees that can be completed online and in a work environment  at a fraction of the cost of an in-residence degree and without the need for relocation.  

Employers such as Google have moved quickly to recognize these alternatives as legitimate substitutes to traditional credentials when evaluating potential hires.  

Degrees are becoming redundant – it’s where you have worked before that is becoming relevant .

Posted on October 2, 2017

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