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Five Engagement GemsThat Make a Difference and creates Resilience in your team

Rob Nankervis “Unsurprisingly in this COVID moment, Gallup analytics are finding unprecedented spikes in daily worry and stress, while overall percentages of people “thriving” have dropped to Great Recession-era lows. 

It takes an exceptional level of resilience for organizations and employees to thrive in such an uncertain and radically disrupted climate. Check out this article for the five key elements that drive engagement. 

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Rob shares an interesting article from Jm Harter of Gallup – that identifies 5 ways in which a firm can build a culture of resilience with their team https://www.gallup.com/workplace/311270/culture-resilient-enough-survive-coronavirus.aspx
They are 

  1.  Setting Clear and realistic expectations. During tough times, employees need managers who reset priorities, involve them in reestablishing their goals and constantly clarify their role relative to their coworkers.
  2.  Having the right technology and tools. Employees need the right tools  to get work done – this will minimize stress and improve performance.
  3. Leveraging one’s strengths – Playing to your strengths is the difference between moving toward opportunity and falling victim to circumstances.
  4. To connect to the mission or purpose of the organisation. During a crisis, people need to see how they, and their work, fit into the bigger picture — how can they impact something significant and know their work matters?
  5. Committed to quality work – There is no room for slack in a crisis. All team members must be dedicated to high-quality, efficient work. It is equally essential that teams within an organisation rely on and respect one another’s work.
Posted on July 15, 2020

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