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Have Hackers have won the Cyberwar? Does privacy exist?

The chances are is that your details are sitting on a list that you don’t know about . 

You may not know that person…… but they know you !!!!

  • At Equifax names and personal details  (including credit cards , emails etc ) of up to 143 million people in the United States (half the USA population) U.K. and Canada have been hacked ,
  • One of Britain’s largest retail franchises, CEX, disclosed it has been hit by a data breach that could have compromised the information of as many as 2 million customers – including personal details like names and addresses.
  • Online spam bot – A security researcher in Paris has unearthed an open web server hosted in the Netherlands that contains as many as 711 million usernames and passwords
  • London healthcare group – Bupa has suffered a data breach (13 July 2017) affecting 500,000 customers on its international health insurance plan.
  • Zomato, which provides users with an online guide to restaurants, cafes and clubs, reported that data from 17 million users had been stolen, including email addresses and hashed passwords.
  • Security researchers at the Kromtech Security Research Center discovered a massive database of 560 million login credentials which is believed to come from up to 10 popular online services such as LinkedIn and Dropbox, obtained during previous data breaches
  • Payday loan company Wonga has fallen victim to a large data breach that could have hit as many as 245,000 of its customers including bank account numbers and sort codes
  • A major breach of Three network customer upgrade database revealed last November is worse than the network operator initially thought, when their network was accessed using an employee login. They said 200,000 of their 9 million  was compromised.
  • Sportswear retailer Sports Direct failed to tell its entire workforce that they might have had their personal credentials stolen in an internal security breach
  • Tesco Bank, the consumer finance wing of the British supermarket giant, froze its online operations – after as many as 20,000 customers had money stolen from their accounts.(up to 40’000 accounts compromised 
  • Accounting software provider , Sage could turn out to be one of the most important in UK data breach history if its scale is confirmed. According to the firm, the employee data of up to 280 UK customers representing a large number of individual users could be at risk – this could represent the entire UK population! 
  • Kiddicare’s customers were getting spammy Sms’s – and they realised their data was compromised – they   played down the fact it had let names, addresses and contact details of up to 800,000 people
  • CEO of TalkTalk initially struggled to confirm how many of its four million customers were affected after hackers exploited a reported weakness in the firm’s website – the ceo said it was only a mere 157,000 (was one of them you?)
  • A serious attack in which a hacker was able to get his or her hands on 1,163,996 credit and debit card records from online holiday firm Think W3
  • two breaches at Yahoo — the bigger one involved 1 billion accounts, the lesser impacted 500 million 
  • a hack at Myspace that involved 360 million accounts

And the list goes on!!!!

In my view, knowledge is no longer a valuable commodity. It’s out there in abundance. It’s how you use it that’s valuable.

What do you think? 

Posted on September 9, 2017

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