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Innovation needs to be in the DNA of everything we do… no industry is sacred

Vivek Wadhwa has written an excellent piece in the WashingtonPost on how innovation is in the DNA in everything we do.
Clayton Christensen’s theories in his book “the Innovators Dilemma” was a guiding light to innovators to innovate… his ideas being used by the likes of Proctor and Gamble, GE and 
Are his theories still relevant?
The old way was to separate the innovative disruptors from the core businesses; to put them in new company divisions. 
We are now in an era in which technologies such as computing, networks, sensors, artificial intelligence, and robotics are advancing exponentially and converging, thereby allowing industries to encroach on and disrupt one another.
Competition doesn’t come from lower end of the market anymore… they come from completely different industries…. 
Apple disrupting music and computing industry and now disrupting healthcare and finance industries. 
Automobile Companies (Uber) delivering flu shots with Uberhealth!
Tesla becoming an energy company – providing solar powered energy and battery power  for homes enabling them to be disconnected from the grid. 
Google and Facebook providing Wifi Internet Access everywhere using drones, microsatellites and balloons. disrupting the telecommunication industry…. looking to monetise data, vs charging for usage. 
Posted on November 24, 2015

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