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Investing at the cutting edge on innovation

The world is changing at a rapid rate – digital disruption will come – and those who back it should benefit big time! 

Catherine Wood of Ark Invest puts her money where her mouth is – she  looks at disruptive innovation in the public markets and invests at the cutting edge of Innovation. 

Catherine speaking at the Morgan Stanley  conference on Wednesday 5 June 2019

She backs companies in the fud zone – when there is fear uncertainty and doubt. 

The vision is there , the technology is emerging, the prototypes are built and the opportunity of the technology becoming ubiquitous is insight. 

She relies on Wright’s law – where costs decrease and volume increase – and profitability emerges 

Case in point calls and data – where mass usage has been able to drive the cost of calls to zero and create Unicorns such as Zoom! 

These are some of the bleeding edge innovations that Ark Invest is backing 

Blockchain – cryptos – Ark Invest is a backer  of bitcoin – it should gain ubiquity with the advent of quantum computer power – last year $1.3tr of transactions, and each transaction had significant fees – there is an unmet need for x border transactions -and she expects bitcoin will drive these huge transaction fees to zero 

Genome sequencing – developing cures 

Ai , Robotics and Energy Storage – paving the way for ubiquitous Electric and self driving cars  – autonomous taxi platforms $7tr by 2028 – she is backing Tesla – with 10pc of her portfolio committed to it  – people are  walking away – but she believes will be the best investment – She believes Tesla will have similar narrative as Amazon! 

Win or lose – Ark Invest is up there in my estimation! 

Posted on June 6, 2019

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