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Join the NextTech Revolution – and be a Learning Organisation

We are currently in a vortex of a massive shift in our daily lives out of necessity brought on by Coronavirus. 
This shift has been waiting to come… the virus has just sped it up.
One thing you can be sure of….. what your business has done in the past will need to change to ensure that you will continue survive and thrive in the new normal? 
How can you as a business get your team aligned, motivated, be innovative , and be ready for the NextTech revolution.  (ps…. we are in it!) 
Heather Macgowan is quoted in a great article that I read today (link below ) 
She says – you will have to “learn yourself into the future, and you will need to learn how to learn.” She says that to navigate ambiguity – you need to be adaptable – and that requires learning. 
Humans have an incredible ability to adapt through rewiring our brains towards new ways of thinking and behaving.
Your organisation needs to continually innovate, and be up to speed with technology, and what is happenning around you.
The new normal for the organization of the future, will have an intentionally designed (virtual) working environment with dedicated learning time, opportunities for reflection and self-awareness, support in the form of non-judgmental training, mentorship and coaching. 
For your business to stay ahead of the game of unrelenting change, your business and your people in it – need to have a culture of learning.
You will need to  create a culture of learning in your team or organization. 
COVID-19 presents an opportunity to institute behaviors and a collaborative culture of learning, growth and upskilling previously thought impossible. 
Learning is the new buzzword and skill that leaders must cultivate within their teams.
Without an ability to learn in a changing environment, employees’ existing skills and knowledge cannot be effectively leveraged in new ways that achieve outcomes. 
Learning may not help you make the perfect choice on the first try, but it does allow you to course correct actions as you go. 
Organisations who learn faster and better will win in today’s market.
Join the NextTech Revolution. We would be delighted to explore the opportunity to be your learning partner .
great article that I read today 
Posted on April 11, 2020

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